Frequently Asked

What is expected from me as a mentor?

As a mentor you are expected to do the following

  • You are signing up to unlimited questions from your mentees. The expectation is for them to be answered within 24 hours.
  • Provide mentees with resources to learn from and clear any doubts they might have while learning.
  • Conduct 1-1 video calls with your mentees for the duration of 30-minutes per call. (you can set in your program details how many video calls could your mentees have with you per month, the range is from 0 to 4 video calls per month).
  • Motivate the mentees, keep them engaged and active.
  • Be professional and encouraging.

Other than what's mentioned above, you may include other things in your program if you wish.
for example but not limited to:

  • Ask mentees to complete projects or tasks to put what they are learning in practice.
  • If relevant, thoroughly review the work or the tasks completed by your mentees and provide them with personalized feedback.
  • Work with students to create their personalized weekly learning plans.

You have full control over the details of your program, if you think you can provide more details you are more than welcome to do so in the description of your program.

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What is not expected from me as a mentor?

As a mentor we know that you are busy with other things and hence, you are not expected to be available 24 hours, you are neither expected to teach mentees topics from scratch but rather clear any of their doubts and guide them forward through to their goals.

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What if I don’t manage to deliver to mentees what I have outlined in the program details?

Students have the right to ask for a refund in case they don’t get what they are promised, and hence, we ask mentors to carefully add only what they are sure they can provide.

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How do I get compensated?

You have full control over the prices of your programs, you can set a monthly subscription rate you find suitable for your mentoring. At the end of each month you get compensated for the monthly subscription cycles that has already ended.

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What fees do you charge?

We charge a service fee, taken as a 20% percentage of your revenue on NerdMentors.

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Will I be paid according to my country currency or USD?

Currently, the prices of the programs are set in USD, however, you can receive the final amount to your local bank account in your local currency.

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Can I have multiple mentoring programs?

If you are expert in more than one field, you are more than welcome to provide multiple programs in different fields, however, you may only have 1 program per field.

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Why should I be a mentor at NerdMentors?

NerdMentors takes the burden off you and provides you with all the tools you need so that you could effectively focus on mentoring others and not need to worry about any secondary setups, such as but not limited to communication channels, receiving payments and finding mentees.

We are responsible for managing and maintaining the platform to ensure the satisfaction for both the mentors and mentees, provide communication channels between mentors and mentees and continuously improve the system according to your needs and take the burden off you to receive and manage payments monthly.

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Can I use a different language than English while mentoring others?

You can provide your mentoring programs in your native language or multiple languages, you can specify in your program details the languages you are supporting.

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What are the student ratings for mentors?

At the end of each subscription month, students are asked to rate their mentors so that mentors know how they are performing and have a chance to improve themselves.

To ensure the quality of our mentors, you are expected to maintain an average rating of 4.5/5.0

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How many students can I manage at a time?

As many as you can, you can set in your program your limit for students at a time, and you may as well stop receiving any more new students at any time by just switching off the program availability so that you only continue mentoring the current mentees and receive no more students until you switch it back on.

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What happens if I go on vacation and I want to pause my program for a while?

You may pause your program at any time to stop new incoming students; however, for the already subscribed mentees you would have to continue supporting them until the end of their subscription cycle. You may wait until their subscription ends and they won’t be able to resubscribe to your program while it’s paused.

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