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A marketplace for startups to get on-demand advice
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Who is NerdMentors?


A marketplace on a mission

to make actionable advice, insights, and
experience of world's experts accessible and
transferable to anyone through video and
voice calls.


A marketplace with values

  • values record icon Transparency
  • values record icon Honesty
  • values record icon Quality over quantity
  • values record icon Customer commitment
  • values record icon Good citizenship
  • values record icon Personal accountability
  • values record icon Ever evolving

What's in it for you?

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Become a success partner

We would love to invite you to become
partner with NerdMentors as a world-class
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Why NerdMentors?

  • 1- You share your experience and consequently impact startups' community.
  • 2- You can meet other experts within or outside of your expert field.
  • 3- You can donate your fees gathered through the platform if you so wish.
  • 4- No long-term commitments; client calls are in 15-min increments.
  • 5- You have full control over your fees, your schedule, and your client selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

NerdMentors is a commission-based marketplace, we earn if and only if you earn, so there is no any hidden fees you need to pay, NerdMentors take 20% as a commission for each completed transaction

Once you have a NerdMentors profile, clients will be able to see your profile listed in our directory, then they will be able to send you a consultation request. A consultation request will have the following details: the duration requested (15,30,45, or 60 min), a description of what they need to discuss with you, and three suggested time ranges for you to choose from to conduct the consultation

You will get notified about the new request and you will have full freedom to accept or reject the consultation request

If you choose to accept it, a meeting room will be automatically generated and it will be accessible from the dashboard under “my consultations” tab in your profile, and a link to the room will be sent to your email as well

Biweekly, we make the payments out to your preferred bank account, you can also reach out to us and suggest a different payment method, if it is possible, we will consider it immediately.
You have full control over your pricing (we recommend though, that you charge as low as you would be satisfied,then you can increase the price as you go based on your satisfaction and availability)

Your profile will be immediately visible, but in order to charge clients for the consultation, you need to pass our quality assurance process. The process is as following: we ask you to provide 3 consultation calls for free (they could be as short as 15 minutes/call) - this is a chance for you to get initial ratings and reviews on your services and as a way for you to make sure that there is a need for the service you are offering.

After the 3 consultation calls if your ratings is above 4.3, your service will automatically be updated to reflect the pricing you had set while creating your service.

All the calls are conducted inside NerdMentors. We want to make things easier for you, so you don't have to worry about creating a meeting link, you get the requests, payments and make the calls - all through just one platform, NerdMentors.
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