About Mentor

Martin Bailie


I run Position & Pitch, an online programme delivering positioning clarity and pitch decks for faster sales and investment. Created by experienced investors, founders and global marketers, Position & Pitch is part of The Brand Reboot online coaching programme for founders and brand owners, delivering a brand, marketing and sales transformation in record time. Unlike inefficient workshops, we use group coaching, creative provocation and new daily routines to get our clients from ‘confused’ to ‘clear’ in 4 weeks. Our proven process delivers immediate results. Clients have raised millions in investment capital and multiplied sales within months.

About Program

Your investment pitch and market positioning


Many tech startups struggle to communicate their value, especially when they come to fundraise or sell to corporate clients. This can dramatically slow growth, sometimes without founders realising. Most often it simply confuses clients and investors, frustrates team members and results in a reduced runway. 



Position & Pitch provides a fast and efficient solution to these challenges. The online programme delivers a structured method for creating a compelling sales and/or investment pitch within 4 weeks.

We’re a mini accelerator focused on the bit that really gets things moving: investment and sales. 


Who we work with
Founders of technology-driven businesses with early traction (sales and revenue) who are seeking Seed, Series A and B funding in the next twelve months. 


What you get

The online programme consists of training, simple worksheets and 1:1 strategy coaching.

We get you from confused to clear to pitch-ready, with compelling investment and sales materials.


You’ll get experienced VCs feeding back on your pitch and you’ll be promoted to funding networks if it’s agreed you’re suitable for them



every 2 weeks

Program Feature

Personal Chat
2 Video Calls

Expected Prerequisites

  • Have validated their product/offer in some way

every 2 weeks