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Belal Amin

CTO @ Nerdsboard

Senior software engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset who's looking to build the next unicorn. I have founded a successful software development agency, NerdsBoard. I have a bachelor degree in computer communication engineering and a master degree in RF electronics from Oulu university

About Consultation

Launch Your MVP- 4-Session Tech Stack Consultation

What is included in this consultation?

I offer to you 4-video call sessions, 1 hour each. the overall goal is to help you decide/evaluate your SaaS MVP technology stack. you will know exactly where you stand, what do you need to move forward, and what are the alternatives?

Introductory call

I am open to having a 15 mins introductory call where I can introduce myself to you, my relevant experience as well as you can introduce yourself to me.

I will break down below how will I exactly help you and what should you expect.

Session 1

In this session, you will introduce me to your idea/MVP, we will talk about your vision, how do you want to grow, how fast, what are the available resources for you in terms of cash and development team if any. if your MVP is ready, then you will also tell me what tech stack is used, why did you use it, and if there are any problems that face you at the moment.

Session 2

After the first session, I will spend some time investigating your product, your tech stack, and the available choices. then we will have our second video call, I will discuss with you my findings, and your options, and what is the best option according to your specific case. I will answer any question you have regarding our conversation and make sure you understand the reasoning behind any decision.

Session 3 - optional

This is an optional follow-up conversation to clear any doubts or answer anything that hit your mind after our first two consultation calls. these questions can be anything related to the tech stack of your MVP and how to bootstrap it. 

Session 4 - optional

If your MVP is already live, then I will help you go through a specific checklist to evaluate the status of your system and tell you if there is any urgent thing you need to take care of.

Who are you - to whom this consultation is most useful?

this service is most suitable for you if you have a startup idea and have no idea how to get it started, you have no technical or minimal technical experience and you need help from a technical export to tell you the next steps and what you should do to get your idea to life.

you may also have an existing MVP up and running, but you are not sure if you choose the correct tech stack, you don't know how to move forward, or you need an evaluation of your current technical status. 

you may also need just a discussion on technical topics to get your MVP up and running before having a discussion with a potential investor and you need someone who double-checks your technical plan with you

Aside of the video calls, you will have a 24/7 chat access with me, you can ask me anything that just hit your mind after the video call, send me a link for a file, or whatever else you might need to ask me about. I will try to respond as soon as I can, but not necessarily immediately. the main offer is video calls, not chatting.


we will decide together the best time for each video call according to both of our availability.



Consultation Language

Arabic - English

Expected Prerequisites

  • you should have an MVP idea clear and ready


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