About Mentor

Belal Amin

CTO @ Nerdsboard

Senior software engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset who's looking to build the next unicorn. I have founded a successful software development agency, NerdsBoard. I have a bachelor degree in computer communication engineering and a master degree in RF electronics from Oulu university

About Program

Full-stack Web Development

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of publicly available resources for web development?, Do you feel confused or lost and have not idea what to study or where to start?, Do you feel that you have no idea how real-life programming career looks like and what does it take to be qualified for a real full-stack web development position?, Or maybe you have some background but you need some constant and daily help from an expert to push you forward and answer your questions that you don't want to ask anyone else publicly? 

Or maybe you want to make a career shift and start a career in programming and software in general? 

If this feels like you, I will be happy to Mentor you. 

I am Belal Amin, CEO of Nerdsboard development Agency, I know exactly what it takes to get you a position in a software company, I know how real live projects look like and what it takes to ship a real product to a real customer. I am also the CTO and Co-Founder of Nerdmentors, I have been a senior web developer and I have built very complex microservice-based systems over the last 5 years. I have well-established senior-level software development experience, specifically in web development,

I have worked with the following technologies and software:

Java, Java Servlet, NodeJs ROR, Sinatra, Python, Flask, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, MongoDB, SQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, AngualrJs, VueJs, FabricJS, Photoshop, Pencil, Bootstrap Studio, Docker, Jenkins, FB infer and Zipkin, Linux Terminal, Git.

I am looking forward to helping you start or advance your career in the field of software engineering, I will be available on daily basis to answer your questions and always remember YOU CAN'T ASK A STUPID QUESTION, EVERY QUESTION IS SMART AND WORTH THE ANSWER

I will also be more than happy to help you understand the full picture of the field and have a couple of video calls per month to answer and discuss your questions, if you show real progress, I will be more than happy to endorse you on Linkedin and/or write a recommendation letter that shows your real experience in the field and help you land your first job.

Don't take this as anything formal, I am friendly and I love friendly people, it's enough if you have a real passion for software development, I will be there to help you.

I will also assign goals and todo's list to you to ensure you are hitting your goal, I will do continuous code review and help you follow the best practices. 


During Trail Period let me know all your concerns to ensure that our expectations are aligned and we are a good fit for each other. Have a great day.


3 Days Trial

every 4 weeks

Program Feature

Personal Chat
4 Video Calls
Arabic - English

Expected Prerequisites

  • Passion to become a frontend developer
  • Basic English -reading and listening - skills
  • Courage to ask whatever you are stuck with
3 Days Trial

every 4 weeks