About Mentor

Belal Amin

CTO @ Nerdsboard

Senior software engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset who's looking to build the next unicorn. I have founded a successful software development agency, NerdsBoard. I have a bachelor degree in computer communication engineering and a master degree in RF electronics from Oulu university

About Program

Freelancing on Upwork

Hi there, I have been a top-rated freelancer on Upwork for a long time, I have lost the badge many times, and I always can earn it back. I have bootstrapped a development agency through Upwork. do you want to have reviewed such as the ones on the top? Do you want help on a daily basis to answer all your questions about Upwork? Do you need expert feedback on your Upwork profile?
"This wasn’t my first project with Belal and definitely not my last project with him! He’s extremely talented and an expert in what he does. High quality work. Thank you, Belal!"
"Belal is unbelievably good! His skills and knowledge in his field are outstanding. The best of all is that he has great problem-solving skills. There wasn't a request or feature that he couldn't implement to our project. What also made us satisfied throughout the whole timeline of this project is that he was always available for a video call meeting to discuss features and requirements or to come up with solutions. Communication is key to any partnership, and Belal communicated professionally and cooperatively with us. We already have another project ongoing with Belal and 2 more projects are on the way :) Professional. Efficient. High Quality. Knowledgable. I wouldn't think twice before recommending Belal to someone else. Thank you, Belal for everything!"
"Belal exhibits outstanding skills even in the most difficult job situations. He understands work procedures and has kept himself informed of all current developments. As a lead developer on this project, he also anticipates future customers’ needs and creates and executes plans to enhance service. His decisions are well thought out, and he produces accurate, well-presented, and thorough written documents, records and reports. He has developed very good working relationships with others on our team and always displays a cooperative attitude and shares knowledge. His duties and responsibilities are regularly met and often exceeded; and he strives for a high level of performance. This is your go-to guy for any serious project. I've closed this project, and opened a new contract for him with a CTO position in our company."
"I have worked with Belal on a few Upwork projects, and have been extremely satisfied with his results. Each time he has consistently delivered fantastic outputs, but for this project, he has outdone himself! The timeline project he was hired for was finished ahead of the deadline, with better functionality and responsiveness than I had initially proposed. You can really tell he prides himself in his work and makes each project a part of his own. I would recommend him for any job requiring a dedicated web developer."
For whom this mentorship program is most suited?
Do you feel very confused when you open Upwork? Do you need some help reviewing your portfolio and your Upwork profile?, Do you need 1-on-1 calls with some Upwork experts to help you evaluate your hourly?, Do you need expert help in how to find good clients? how to write a good proposal? did you ever felt you need an expert to real your proposal before submitting it? then this mentorship program is for you.
This mentorship program is most useful for anyone who has skills in the fields of software engineering with all of its sub-branches, and Design industry. However, anyone who is seeking to be a top-rated freelancer on Upwork will also benefit from this mentorship and from my help on a daily basis.
How does this mentorship program work?
During this mentorship program, I will be available on a daily basis to answer all of your questions, I will make sure to reply as soon as possible. For instance, you might be talking to an Upwork client of yours, and he asks you a question and you need some help before replying, depending on the time you have, I will try to respond as soon as possible. there are no limits to the number of questions that you can ask.
I am also offering personalized feedback on your Upwork profile. In addition to that, I will have two 30min-video calls per week with you to discuss various freelancing topics and strategies to level-up your freelancing skills and knowledge. I am offering to become your mentor to help and assist you to build a freelancing steady income through Upwork.
What do I offer in a free trial?
During the free trial week, I will mainly get to know you more and you to know me more. we can chat about your needs, so that both of us can make sure that we are the right fit and that I can actually help you with whatever you need. I also offer a 1 30min video call with you where we can discuss anything you want. However, the actual mentorship with dedication will be in action once both of us make sure that we are the right fit, and you get to know me better and get to know what to expect.
Willing to talk to you soon, and help you become a Top-Rated Upwork.


every 2 weeks

Program Feature

Personal Chat
4 Video Calls
Arabic - English

Expected Prerequisites

  • Internet Connection
  • Skills that you can freelance with

every 2 weeks