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About Program

I'll help you in the Introduction to Algorithms undergraduate course.

Who is targeted by this service?
This service is targeted for anyone who needs help in the Introduction to Algorithms undergraduate courses 

How will I help you?
The service includes 1 video call for 60 minutes, where we can discuss difficulties you are facing while studying that course.

I can help you with the following topics:

1- Introduction and Data Structures

2- Basic Analysis

3- NP-Complete I

4- NP-Completeness II

5- Randomized Algorithms

6- Sorting

7- Data Structures

8- Optimization I

9- Advance Analysis

10- Graph Algorithms I

11- Graph Algorithms II

12- Optimization II 

13- Approximation Algorithms


every 1 weeks

Program Feature

Personal Chat
1 Video Calls
Arabic - English

Expected Prerequisites


every 1 weeks