About Mentor

Satish Gaekwad

Advisor & Mentor

Satish has been in leadership roles in B2B Technology Sales & Marketing, Product development & Operations for over 20 years (having worked at Deep Tech Startups and ITO & BPO firms spanning Financial Services , Telecom & Transportation sectors) developing & selling Enterprise Software, Solutions & Professional Services to essentially the Banking & Financial Services, and Telecom sector. He is an Electronics Engineer & an MBA from leading institutes in India. He was the Sales Head for UK for a Fortune-500 BPO firm in his last corporate role. He has led global teams varying in sizes between 30 & 300, and his Sales deal sizes have ranged between $0.5M to over $20M. Startups can leverage his expertise & industry network in catalysing Go-to-Market strategies for launching new products globally for accelerating growth, developing Partnerships /Alliances, Product development and management, shaping their readiness for funding and unlocking value from their early stage ventures. He loves mentoring & is also a mentor at the Founder Institute, the RBS-Natwest FinTech Accelerator & at SeedReady.

About Program

Initial assessment of your startup and refining your pitch deck

About the Service

I can provide an initial assessment of your startup in terms of its appeal to investors or otherwise. 

1. We shall first check if you are ready for a valuation basis your market traction & revenue stream (i.e. your unique value proposition, number of live paid customers & pipeline of leads & ability to convince investors about the attractiveness & investment worthyness of your business)

2. According to the outcome from the first step, we can then aim to work together to create an investor's deck that includes the following areas:

·        Company description

·        Problem

·        Solution

·        Targeted audience (Market size)

·        Business (Revenue) Model

·        Competitive analysis

·        Competitive advantage (USP)

·        Marketing Strategy

·        Fund required $

·        Usage of fund

·        Financial Plan

·        Team

At the end of this service, you will have a reasonable view on the readiness of your startup for pre-seed/seed funding from investors, and the pitch deck ready to initiate your funding journey.

The Process

The exercise could take about 3 calls along with offline reviews (estimating from *3 hours upwards depending upon the status of your readiness & pitch deck) by the advisor , where we shall review your startup and your needs & then start working on the pitch deck.

*the total time taken to complete the exercise will be shared in advance of undertaking the work  - this will be arrived at after looking at the initial pitch deck & information about the startup shared ahead of the engagement.


every 2 weeks

Program Feature

Personal Chat
3 Video Calls

Expected Prerequisites

  • Your startup value proposition/MVP is ready and you have a reasonable market traction
  • Initial Pitch deck outlining the areas stated in the service

every 2 weeks