About Expert

Daniel Camilleri

I am an electronics engineer with a Masters degree in Robotics, and 5 years of experience as a researcher on EU-funded collaborative projects in robotics at the University of Sheffield, working on beyond-state-of-the-art control and communications for robot humanoids. I am also the CTO of Cyberselves, a company whose mission is to make robotics universal and accessible to everyone. My experience ranges from low-level electronics to high-level robotics and project management and allows me to tackle the multi-disciplinary challenge of robotics starting from design and all the way to the market.

About Consultation

Building a robot? get advice on the Tech Stack, how to monetise your app, and approaches for technical and market difficulties

- I can help those interested in building robots to choose a technology stack and advise them on significantly reducing their time to market. 

- I can advise developers on how to approach hard problems in robotics or how to monetise their applications. 

- I can advise founders interested in using robotics in their startup on how best to approach the technical and market difficulties inherent in robotics applications for the consumer market.



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