About Mentor

Yousef Gamal

Mobile Developer | Mentor & Reviewer at Udacity

Yousef is a Google and Udacity certified Android Developer, Reviewer, and Mentor at Udacity, Founder of NerdMentors and Dicardy, and Flutter Developer. He has built dozens of mobile apps working independently and with teams, ranging from freelancing, working with companies, building startups, and personal projects. He has mentored more than 90 students from all around the globe, reviewed more than 170 Android projects, and held more than 60 consultation video calls.

About Program

Become an Android Developer

What you will learn?

Through this mentorship program, I'll provide you with resources to learn Android Development and Java from (mainly from Udacity and other sources), I will clarify any doubts you have, answer all of your questions, give you tasks to build projects and review your projects to give you personalized feedback and tips to use industry best practices.


How does it work?

While you are learning you can ask me unlimited questions and should expect an answer within a maximum of 24 hours, I'll often respond much faster than that though, in addition, you can have 4 consultation video calls per month with me where we can discuss any topic that you didn't understand well or for any clarifications. 


Who is this course for?

Whether you are an absolute beginner with no experience in programming at all, or expert in programming but with no experience in Android Development, this is the right program for you, based on your level, I'll guide you to where to start from and will always be beside you and assisting you until you become professional in Android Development and be able to build any Android app and publish it to the Play Store.

3 Days Trial

every 2 weeks

Program Feature

Personal Chat
4 Video Calls
Arabic - English

Expected Prerequisites

  • Basic IT skills.
  • Laptop with minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Able to communicate in English or Arabic
3 Days Trial

every 2 weeks